Coin-Application Mediator Interface.

Coinami is  a cryptocurrency system that uses DNA sequence alignment as proof-of-work.

Let us be specific

About Coinami

Solving distributed DNA sequence alignment problem while preserving privacy

Coinami consists of 2 parts, Transactions and Mining.


Transactions represent money exchange between two parties. Simply, they are records of participants, input amount and output amount. Every time a transaction occurs, the original (input) coins are destroyed and new (output) coins are generated. With this scheme, every coin can be spent only once. Transaction operation is handled by other peers in the network and these machines are awarded new coins.


Generation of a new block (coin) is called mining. To mine a coin users should solve an assignment that is assigned to them by the server. This assignment will be a small part of a DNA sequence alignment problem for 2 or more people, so that the user can not build an individual’s genome from the assignment. When the user calculates the result for the assignment, the server will validate the result and grant the user a coin upon a successful calculation.

Prototype implementation
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